Who we are and what we do



We are an informal and growing network of Christ-centered intentional communities that strive to support and inspire one another to live more faithfully and to bear witness more fully to God’s kingdom here on earth.



  • Nurturing—We provide opportunity for established communities to nurture and counsel younger communities as they embark on the venture of sharing life together in Christ.

  • Networking—We help communities of Jesus followers to connect and build relationships with one another.

  • Facilitating—We offer opportunities to learn about what it takes to form, live and grow in Christian community.  



  • Gatherings—We host a variety of retreats and gatherings that bring individuals and communities face-to-face together around issues of common concern.

  • Mentoring—We make “visitations,” upon request, in which teams of 2-3 people visit other communities for the purpose of helping to strengthen and deepen their common life together.

  • Connecting—Through our website and through social media we provide tools to inspire, inform, teach and connect communities.