Some Christian Intentional Communities in the US and Canada

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(Please note that blue communities are participating communities and red heart icon signifies partner communities that support NCN financially as well as relationally. )

Communities on the east Coast

  • The Hiding Place Washington DC : community, urban farm, retreat space

  • Bruderhof : Anabaptist common purse communities around the US

    • Several communities in upstate New York and New York City

    • Pittsburg, PA and Farmington, PA

Midwestern Communities

Southern and southwestern communities

  • Eden Community, Abilene, Texas: Eco-village and training community with many young families.

  • Hope Fellowship, Waco, Texas: Mennonite Bi-lingual fellowship with many families living in proximity.

Communities on the West Coast

  • Church of the Sojourners, San Francisco, California: Members live as church in big households in the Mission District.

  • Grandview Calvary Baptist Church, Vancouver, British Columbia: Parish church that values shared life and has birthed many creative Kingdom initiatives.

  • Springwater, Portland, Oregon: Anabaptist house church/ community committed to loving neighbors and earth care.